04 August 2017

Democracy beyond the nation?

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How can democracy be collectively shaped in today's Europe? How can it be observed beyond the concept of a nation? What dangers and challenges currently threaten democracy?

We invite 100 young people 18 years and older to participate in a European democracy project in Eisenach and work together to find answers to these and other questions. On the occasion of the 200-year anniversary of the Wartburgfest of 1817, we want to come together to talk, become acquainted with each other and exchange ideas about how we want to practice and understand democracy. For one week, we will investigate the past, present and future of democracy during workshops and excursions. Because democracy is not to be taken for granted. It must be constantly defended, promoted and fortified. It is time to revive the idea of European unity and to stand up for peaceful coexistence. Let's begin in Eisenach – at the Wartburgfest reloaded!

Current, detailed programme:

50 € contribution towards expenses (incl. accommodations and meals)

All the participants living outside of Germany are eligible to travel cost reimbursement of 70% of relevant costs with the most economical way of transport, up to a maximum amount of 200 Euro.




Désirée Frahnow
Zinzendorfplatz 3, 99192 Neudietendorf

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