19 August 2017

Polish topics in the PEN America Digital Archive

Category: Editorial notes, XXw, sources, News, Memory studies, Cultural history, history of Polish culture


The PEN America Digital Archive captures more than 50 years of cultural programming at the intersection of literature and freedom of expression advocacy.


The digital archive makes available long-inaccessible but valuable public and private programming featuring the world’s foremost writers, intellectuals, and artists in candid and often heated discourse about the most relevant cultural and political issues of our times. There are a few Polish topics available. Among them a bilingual reading and discussion with Polish poets like Julia Hartwig or Artur Międrzyrzecki from 1986 or Adam Zagajewski from 1984. There are also public discussion about Witold Gombrowicz (with Czesław Miłosz, Susan Sontag, Janusz Głowacki and John Simon) as well as about Ryszard Kapuściński, both from 1988.

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Source: PEN America

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