28 April 2017

The Oral History Archives

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The Oral History Archives is the largest collection of biographical recounting (circa 5,000 audio recordings and 120 videos) and other archival testimonies, covering almost the entire 20th century. The first recording comes from 1987, initiated by the KARTA social movement, called the Eastern Archive and begun independently from the Communist authorities' action of recording inhabitants of the Eastern Borderlands who'd suffered repression under Soviets rule. In 2003, the KARTA Center established its Oral History program. That collection became part of the History Meeting House (DSH). DSH has since been participating in acquiring new recordings and in popularizing these testimonies. To see more, go to  

Persons wanting to tell their stories of life and testimonies about history can contact  Archiwum Historii Mówionej: +48 22 255 05 40, (Dom Spotkań z Historią).

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