28 October 2011

Third Polish Oral History Association Workshop, November 5-6, 2011, Łódź / Polish: III Spotkanie Warsztatowe Polskiego Towarzystwa Historii Mówionej, Łódź 5-6 listopada 2011

Category: Lectures, Meeting, Open projects - aplications, Discussion


About the most important issues of (Polish) oral history will speak specialists, members of recognized and respected research centers, associated in the Polish Oral History Association (POHA)


Third POHA Workshop, November 5-6, 2011, Łódź


Start: November 5 (Saturday), 1 pm

Municipal Culture Point PREXER-UL, ( Pomorska Street 39), Lódź

Free admission

The meeting agenda - in the Annex and on the Organizer website


Polish Oral History Association (POHA) was formed in 2009 in Krakow. It brings together professional historians and researchers involved in the oral history research. The main goal of POHA is to improve the methodological and ethical standards of oral history in Poland



  • Polish Oral History Association
  • Łódzkie Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Miejskich Topografie, Miejski Punkt Kultury PREXER – UŁ




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