10 February 2013

Encyclopedia of Solidarity, Volume 2

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Encyclopedia of Solidarity – people, structures and clandestine publishing houses of Polish dissidents in the period 1976 to 1989. A documentary project realized by the Institute of National Remembrance (, Society Pokolenie and the publisher Oficyna Wydawnicza Volumen. This is the most comprehensive source of information about the period’s Polish anti-communist opposition.


The Encyclopedia of Solidarity is the first enterprise on such an enormous scale, documenting the efforts of the dissidents and returning their place in the history to these heroes and to people’s memory. The Solidarity movement was created in its great majority by people not present in standard references, by the members of what were initially legal structures of syndicates, unnamed people then forced underground: from printers and resistance groups of resistance to the many others fighting for freedom.


The Encyclopedia of Solidarity is published in the Dutch system, as the fullest compendium of knowledge about the activities of the opposition during the People’s Republic of Poland (PRL). The full Encyclopedia is available online at The edition’s second volume contains 1,223 biographies and a subject index.


The first edition, covering the period of the opposition from 1976 to 1989, was released for the 30th anniversary of the creation of Solidarity, and contains 1,130 biographies and subjects prepared by 170 authors. Among them is a note about Bronisław Komorowski, the present president of Poland.



Source of information: IPN Oddział w Poznaniu

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