08 May 2015

"Where Have the Varsovians Come From? The Social, Economic and Cultural Consequences of Migration" - Call for Papers

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The Museum of Warsaw invites the participation in a conference "Where the Varsovians Come From? The Social, Economic and Cultural Consequences of Migration", which is scheduled to be held on the 3rd and 4th of December 2015 in the Conference Hall of the Museum of Warsaw, Praga District.

The object of the conference is to approach, in interdisciplinary way, in a broad chronological perspective - from the founding of the town to the present times - the migration and origins of the inhabitants of Warsaw and the social, economic and cultural consequences of this phenomenon. We want to address the issues of immigrant integration and the shaping of local communities. Participation in the conference is invited from representatives of various academic disciplines: historians, archaeologists, art historians, anthropologists, sociologists, linguists and other researchers prepared to share their reflections on subjects of interest to us. We hope that the presentations, besides providing an occasion for summing up the status of research, will chart new directions of research and articulate methodological proposals.

Furthermore, we are anxious for this project to contribute to the integration of the academic communities concerned with the subjects of the history of Warsaw. The migration and integration issues the conference will address, far from concerning Warsaw alone, are relevant to all communities and in this sense they are generally meaningful. The Museum of Warsaw being partnered in this project by Islenski Baerinn/Turf House Museum in Selfoss, Iceland, contributions offering an Icelandic perspective on immigration will be an integral part of the conference sessions.

Parties interested in participating in the conference are kindly requested to send their applications, accompanied by a one-page (2 thousand characters) abstract, to by the 18 th of May 2015.

Based on the abstracts sent in, the Programme Council will make the final selection of papers and contact the authors, who will be expected to submit their full texts by the 15th of September. The envisaged time slot for a conference presentation is up to 25 minutes. The organisers propose to release a peer-reviewed post-conference publication.



Source: Pol-Int


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