19 August 2014

"Bridging the Divides" - Call for Papers

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International conference on faith-based reconciliation and peacebuilding commemorating the 30th anniversary of Reconciliatio et paenitentia by St. John Paul II and the Year of Jan Karski



If it can be argued that religion contributes to conflicts all over the world, then it must have its part in a reconciliation process. With this thought in mind the Centre for Thought of John Paul II organises the Truth and Reconciliation conference focused on whether religion might prove a factor in reconciliation processes after and beyond the solutions offered by high politics. The main question around which the conference will evolve is what role does religion play in reconciliation processes and does it have a potential for peacebuilding which politics is blind to?  Can a Catholic religious imagination shape the approaches, goals, and horizons of peacebuilders? To what extent is the figure of Jan Karski a source of inspiration?


Call for Proposals:

Policymakers and professionals involved in pacebuilding projects and reconciliation processes around the globe have fallen into the fallacy to look at conflicts, especially when they occur in failed states or nations in transition, as phenomena belonging purely to the material realm. Too often, it is assumed that political, social or economic conflict occurs due to palpable factors and, without looking more deeply at these relationships, that religions’ only role is only as a factor contributing to violence and never as a  reconciliation agent. 

Centre for Thought of John Paul II  invites papers for presentation and publication that support a shift from the focus on religion as a cause, to finding and utilizing the advantages of faith-based reconciliation and peacebuilding. The goal is to  explore the potential of religion and culture to effect reconciliation around the world debate the effectiveness of faith-based peacebuilding and to consider the integral role which religious groups play in reconciling warring parties and repairing the social fabric. Preferred papers will include modern examples with an emphasis on practical application or refer to Jan Karski as the source of inspiration for bridging the divides.


Proposal Guidelines:

Proposals should include an abstract not to exceed 800 words in length, which describes the substance of the paper in relation to conference theme, the title of the paper, biographies of the author(s), and any affiliated agency, organization, or institution. All proposals should be sent to Dr Monika Gabriela Bartoszewicz by email at by September 15, 2014

Abstracts will undergo a double blind peer review. 

Accepted proposals will be notified by September 20, 2014. 

Accepted authors should submit complete papers by October 20, 2014. Please note that the presentation should last maximum 20 minutes, thus adjust the length of your paper accordingly.


Date: November 3, 2014

Venue: Centre for Thought of John Paul II, Foksal 11, Warsaw, Poland


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