Latest news

  • Jewish Families in Europe, 1939-Present: History, Representation, and Memory

    15 November 2017

  • "Museums and their Publics at Sites of Conflicted History." International conference, 13-15 March 2017

    08 November 2017

  • Transnational Homosexuals in Communist Poland. Cross-Border Flows in Gay and Lesbian Magazines by Lukasz Szulz

    06 November 2017

  • The Kosciuszko Foundation Visiting Professorship at the University of Warsaw 2018/19

    31 October 2017

  • "The Mission of John Capistran in Central and Eastern Europe (1451-1456). The Transfer of Ideas and the Strategy of Communication in the Late Middle Ages”, Conference in Warsaw 16-17 Nov

    30 October 2017

  • “The Things of Warsaw” released in the Museum of Warsaw

    27 October 2017

  • Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine by Anne Applebaum

    26 October 2017

  • "An Atomics of the Self: Czeslaw Milosz's The Captive Mind Re-Revisited- a story of Milosz, communism and the atom bomb in poetry"

    22 October 2017

  • The Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences - Call for proposals

    18 October 2017

  • "From Poland with Love, 1915–1926: the Forgotten History of Gratitude" opens tomorrow in Warsaw

    17 October 2017


  • The Third Congress of International Researchers of Polish History

  • Democracy beyond the nation?

  • Conference: „Political Functions of Urban Spaces through the Ages”, Kraków

  • Changing the Framework. The Institutions in East-Central Europe and the Balkans After 1989

  • The III Congress of International Researchers of Polish History - October 11-14, 2017 in Kraków

  • The Lublin Museum and its castle chapel frescos: an interview with Director Katarzyna Mieczkowska

  • Program of the PIASA Conference in Kraków (16-18 June 2017)

  • Conference "Europe and the East: Self and Other in the History of the European Idea"

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Digitalization of historical sources, photographs, manuscripts and printed materials makes the study of Polish history much easier.

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Bibliographical database of the content of Polish journals focusing on history and associated subjects in the social sciences and humanities.

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  • Tadeusz Kościuszko on Google Arts & Culture

  • Poles in Spanish Civil War commemorated in Warsaw

  • Muslim Tatar Minorities in the Baltic Sea Region

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    Polish historical feature films.

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Fundusz stypendialny finansowany przez MHP ma za zadanie wspierać badania naukowe nad historią Polski, a także przedsięwzięcia propagujące za granicą wiedzę o dziejach naszego kraju.