28 January 2017

Results of the tenth edition of the Grant Fund of the Polish History Museum

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The tenth edition of the grant competition by the Polish History Museum has been announced. The grants are awarded to support studies on Polish history and enterprises propagating knowledge about our history abroad.

In 2017, the grants are awarded to twelve researchers. The grants awarded:

  1. Rufat Achmadzada – 1 month. Project: “Baku-Warsaw-Baku: Traveling in Time” – reportage cycle.

  2. Vadim Anipiarkou – 1.5 months. Project: “Targowica Confederation: Its Establishment and Activities on the Lands of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (May 1792 – September 1793).”

  3. Natalia Bułyk - 1 month. Project: “Ukrainian Dimensions of Archeology in the Second Republic of Poland (1918-1939): Archeological Excavations in a Prism of Protection for Prehistoric Monuments.”

  4. Olga Hul – 1.5 months. Project: “Representatives of Elites in the Authorities of the City of Lviv in the 16th century.”

  5. Uladzimir Karalenak - 1 month. Project: “Suburbans Seats of the Radziwiłł Family in a Context of Park and Garden Establishment.”

  6. Tatiana Kosinowa - 1 month. Project: “Unknown Pages in the History of the Soviet Opposition: the Polish Connections of VSKHSON.”

  7. Jewgenija Łazarewycz – 1.5 months. Project: “Ways of Playing Medieval religious Music in Poland in a Context of a Historically Oriented Movement of European Performance in the Mid-20th century.”

  8. Artem Sorokun - 1 month. Project: “The Problem of Neo-union in Volhynia in the 1920s and 1930s.”

  9. Rusłana Szeretiuk – 1.5 months. Project: “Cultural-educational Activity of the Piarist Convent in Volhynia (17th to mid-19th Centuries).”

  10. Endre Laszlo Varga - 1 month. Project: “Documents and Materials of Hungarian-Polish Relations 1938–1939.”

  11. Margarete Wach – 1.5 months. Project: “The Amateur Film-Club Movement in the PRL Era.”

  12. Raisa Zianiuk – 1.5 months. Project: “Polish Priests working in Belarus in 1945–1947: prosopographic study.”

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